Custom UVC Mask UVC Masks Masked Family Kids
Custom UVC Mask UVC Masks Masked Family
Custom UVC Mask UVC Masks Masked Family
Custom UVC Mask UVC Masks Masked Family
Custom UVC Mask UVC Masks Masked Family

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Custom UVC Mask

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Customized Protection at the Safest Level

Our UVC masks just got better. Now you can customize our safest mask available with any design of your choice! All designs are permanent, machine washable, and will not fade/crack. Bleach is even safe to use with our masks!

Please describe in notes section at checkout what you would like your personalized UVC mask to look like. We will send draft images to your email for your approval, before making your custom UVC mask.

Our impregnation of nano-silver and patented emulsion is embedded permanently as well. The emulsion we use is described below.

  • Absorbs any light and converts it into a UVC frequency emission of 265nm 
  • UVC level irradiates 3.5” around the mask
  • UVC emission level is constant for 2 hours if there is no source of light after being charged for 30 minutes, but it functions at a constant UVC level if there is any source of light shining onto the mask. This would include scenarios of being outside in the sun, or inside in a store.

Why is this important?

“Sunlight or solar UV radiation (UV) acts as the principal natural virucide in the environment. UV radiation kills viruses by chemically modifying their genetic material, DNA and RNA. The most effective wavelength for inactivation, 260 nm, falls in the UVC range, so-named to differentiate it from near-UV found in ground-level sunlight, i.e., the UVB and UVA portions of the spectrum, 290 to 320 nm and 320 to 380 nm, respectively. Nucleic acids are damaged also by UVB and UVA but with lower efficiency than by UVC radiation.”

(“Predicted Inactivation of Viruses of Relevance to Biodefense by Solar Radiation“- C. David Lytle, Jose-Luis Sagripanti, JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY, Nov. 2005, p. 14244–14252 0022)