About Us

 Josh Masked FamilyJosh Schneider - Owner

I started Masked Family with a vision of a new way to display art.  As an artist, I struggled for many years trying to fulfill my dream.  My work had some success, but not enough to sustain a lifestyle of providing for myself and my family.  In October of 2018, I looked deeper into "untouched" canvases.  I had recently quit college, due to my brother's passing which left me heartbroken and empty.  I decided to try and develop a business to keep me busy, while using my knowledge and creativity to produce something new that I would enjoy.  My search led me to the mask, and the dream started from there.

Developing a mask that could utilize art in the best quality was a tough challenge.  It took a lot of research and time, many seamstresses, and tenacity from myself and Kathryn to figure it all out.  From here the journey began and overtime the mask developed.  I have worked with several artists, brands, companies, and individuals doing custom works of art or providing the mask for their own artwork to be displayed.  I couldn't be happier combing these elements to help others!

When COVID-19 hit our World, I needed a team to test my products further than an artistically developed mask.  Tamara and our biochemist helped me with this new venture.  The mask took a turn to effective PPE and how to combine these elements of art and safety together.  The medical mask and UVC masks were thus born.  I'm happy to provide a sustainable alternative to PPE that provides the combination of art and safety together, to best protect our country and families.  That is what Masked Family is all about.  Sustainable Creative Protection.  

Tamara Ragon

Tamara Ragon - R.N.

My name is Tamara Ragon. I’m a Registered Nurse with experience in managing catastrophically injured, medically complex patients, both in and out of a hospital setting. I have administrative experience in home care and national marketing experience with LifeLine Sciences LLC. My gift is connecting those who have a need with those who can fill it. My greatest professional accomplishments have involved advocacy for our vulnerable population’s.

When COVID-19 became a threat it was evident that I needed to protect my family, friends, patients, colleagues, and myself. I was introduced to Masked Family by a family member. After reviewing the quality of the masks, and discussing the high level of performance, it was clear that while everyone else in the world could not secure appropriate PPE, Masked Family had the capability to meet the needs with a product that was superior to all others.

I began working with Masked Family because of the common desire to protect our communities with a product that could actually do just that. I was fortunate enough to work with Joshua Schneider/Owner and onboard Bryon Sego/Chemist who together created a mask that would open up an arena untouched by the rest of the world; a mask that could/can protect all of us in a way no other mask could.

My desire is to protect those who protected/protect us during a time when we need/needed them most. My hope is that Masked Family is able to infiltrate every hospital, protecting our frontline workers, in a way they have not been protected in the past so that never again are their lives risked to care for those who need them because a virus showed up. Never again will they be without the PPE necessary to do what they do.

My most meaningful life’s work has to do with perpetuating change in the lives of our most vulnerable for the better. My area of interest is cultivating relationships in almost every arena to facilitate a network,of people whom are like minded and interested in changing the world around us.


Kathryn Timpson - Seamstress

I have been working with Masked Family developing different models of masks since November of 2018.  It has been my pleasure to work with Josh and continue to develop these different models.  The business really took off with COVID-19 and Josh developed a safe mask that can protect all of us from this deadly virus.  It amazes me how far he has come and the connections he has made to provide such great protection and I am happy to be apart of it. 

Kathryn is our lead seamstress. She has been with Masked Family since the beginning. She has been sewing for over 30 years. Her family in Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa has all sewed for Masked Family.  Between her entire family, there is over 100 years of sewing experience.