Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the “diamond shaped” mask and the medical masks?

The “diamond shaped” masks are suitable for casual wear. The front layer provides water resistant protection and the back layer is cooling. The difference between this style of mask and the medical masks is the seal it provides. Medical masks  provide a better cupping shape around your facial structure and are more suitable for healthcare workers and those who will be in close proximity with patients. All of our masks are made with the same two layers of fabric.

How do I remove and insert the nose piece?

There is a small opening between the front and back layer of your Medical Style mask.  This is located about 3 inches from the top left side of the black back layer of your mask.  Please remove this piece before washing your mask and re-insert it when you are ready to wear your mask again.  “Diamond shaped” masks as of 08/02/20 now include this metal nose bridge. It is located from the top point of the diamond where the slit is located. Please hold one side and maneuver the piece out from the top layer of the slit. You may wash any of our masks with the nose bridge in your mask, however we recommend removing it so that the piece does not damage your mask accidentally. Our nose bridge will not rust if washed.

How do I wash and dry my mask?  Is bleach okay to use when washing my mask?

You may machine wash your mask on a cool to warm setting.  Bleach can be used when machine washing your mask.  Please machine dry your mask on a low heat or air dry setting. 

I wear glasses, will this mask fog them up?   

To avoid fogging up your glasses, please adjust the nose piece to create a triangle hole outside the front middle part of your eyeglasses.  This will create a small air pocket, allowing air to escape up, out, and away from your glasses.  Do not make the angled pocket sharp, as this can potentially break the metal nose piece.


Any other questions or concerns?  Please email us at support@maskedfamily.com