Mind Blown Masked Family Kids (Non Glow in the Dark)
Mind Blown Masked Family
Mind Blown Masked Family
Mind Blown Masked Family
Mind Blown Masked Family
Mind Blown Masked Family
Mind Blown Masked Family
Mind Blown Masked Family Kids (Glow in the Dark)

Masked Family

Mind Blown

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Morphis Art

Christopher Morphis is the artist behind Morphis Art, whose mission is to spread a positive
message of mindfulness across the nation, through his artwork and music. Inspired by his own
journey of hardships, ranging from an absentee father to going through divorce, he wanted to
help others be more prepared to cope and navigate through life than he felt he was at certain
points. After the birth of his first daughter and working through a drug addiction, he
turned to meditation as a means of reflection, self-realization, and growth which he continues
to this day. Unlocking the power of meditation with the clarity and direction it has brought to
his life, has opened up so many positive opportunities into Chris’s life. For this reason, he feels it is his lifework to bring this knowledge and power to others to create a beautiful reality in their own world, no matter how dark a place they feel they are coming from. Fueled by this desire, he set out to use his artistic gifts, telling his message to the world by making these images the focal point of his paintings.

To check out more of Morphis Art, click here-> https://www.morphisart.com

Protection with Style.

  • 100% Polyester- Soft and durable
  • Sublimated- Designs that stay true in color and are bleach safe for 500 washes
  • Front layer is water resistant
  • Pockets- Both sides have a small pocket for small belongings
  • Glow in the Dark- This option includes a UV key-chain light, great for the kids!
  • Moisture Wicking and Cooling Back Layer

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