Adey 8 Masked Family Kids (Non Glow in the Dark)
Adey 8 Masked Family
Adey 8 Masked Family
Adey 8 Masked Family Kids (Glow in the Dark)

Masked Family

Adey 8

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Adey 8 - EDM Artist

Arriving at the scene with tires screeching, Adey8 is taking bass music to the darkest part of the graveyard. With a sinister and almost haunting sound, this east coast producer has been steadily destroying night clubs and eviscerating dance floors up and down the Atlantic. After just a few listens, you’ll hear where this metal-born bass head finds his inspiration. ​ Using his ability to scale genres and curate mixtapes with every sound on the spectrum, Adey8 has become a hot commodity at Night Clubs and Music Venues across the country. His Constant dedication recently, culminated in a 7 track debut album branded “EDGE OF DARKNESS”. While he’s opened up for producers such as Slander, Svdden Death, Getter, Kayzo, Calcium, Gammer, and Borgore to name a few. Adey8 continues to push the boundaries of music on every project he takes on.

You can check out Adey 8’s music via SoundCloud here:

Interested in learning more about Adey 8? Head to his website here:

Protection with Style.

  • 100% Polyester- Soft and durable
  • Sublimated- Designs that stay true in color and are bleach safe for 500 washes
  • Front layer is water resistant
  • Pockets- Both sides have a small pocket for small belongings
  • Glow in the Dark- This option includes a UV key-chain light, great for the kids!
  • Moisture Wicking and Cooling Back Layer

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