Rotating Seasonal Masks

Welcome to the newest line of our comfortable, safe, and stylish designer medical masks! Our rotating seasonal masks are our way of seeing what you, our customers, like most! The rotating masks will be available in limited quantities, so act soon if you like one of our mask options!

  • All of our rotating masks are made with two layers of 100% polyester. 
  • The first layer is solid knit and provides liquid barrier protection.
  • The second layer is an antimicrobial infused, cooling mesh, providing comfort and breathability. It also helps prevent glasses fogging up. 
  • In between these layers is a slit, where we insert our custom made soft aluminum nose bridges. The slit is open on one side, so that you may remove this piece before washing your mask. Other company’s masks sew this piece in, which means another purchase on your part if it breaks! Providing this removable nose bridge option allows you to save money and makes your purchase a sustainable one!
  • Our masks are machine washable, bleach safe, and the designs are permanent. This is 100% guaranteed or your money back!
  • We have upgraded our custom cording (made with a blend of 50/50 polyester/cotton weave) to attach at the top of the mask on either end. The cording also runs through the bottom of the mask. This provides ultimate ear comfort, while providing the correct fit and seal for any  size face. 
  • Finally, your purchase helps support our local community. Your mask is hand sewn here in the Midwest from multiple parts of a family that have been sewing for generations. The designing, shipping, and customer service is all provided in Nebraska. 
  • We are a small business, but we work extremely hard! Feel good knowing where your money goes to and the value we provide in our masks.